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"La Educación que deja huella no es la que se hace de cabeza a cabeza, sino de corazón a corazón" H.G.Hendriks

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014



In this post, I want to introduce some good resources for teaching English at Infant Level. The resources I ment are three books that tell stories about cats. Cats are animals that normally takes attention from children, they usually like them, so that is because I´ve chosen this stories. 


Tex is a cat that can takes long walks wherever he want, and he loves it. He can goes everywhere whenever he wants. Bubbles is a goldfish and Tex´s better friend but they can never walk along together. Bubbles only can round and round in his tank. Tex is a good friend and he wants to help Bubbles to be free, like him. Also it can make that theyhave to say goodbye.
This is a story about the value of a true friendship. It is a beautiful story to talk about what things could you do for your best friend, It also shows important values like freedom, respect, happiness, hope and friedship.


Scribbles is a cat that loves drawing and he uses scribbles for it; Ink is a mouse that loves painting and he uses ink for it. But no one likes how the other works, or that is what they say. They don´t accept the critical words from the other one and they are always fighting because both of them want to be the better artist in the world. Finally, they will learns that there are many ways of making artworks, and that they, with their own style, can make them.
This is a sotry about respect other opinions and ways os making things, It can show children to discover the artist that they have inside, they can learn about greatest artists in history like Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh or Da Vinci, and it shows values like esteem, respect, reaction to criticism and friendship.


Caramba is a single cat, he is fat, he is furry and he is stripped; but he aves an important problem, he can´t fly like the other cats. He thinks that all cats can fly except from him! He thinks that all cats are ment to fly and that he wouldn´t be frightened, but he is. He wants more than anything to swoop and glide between the clouds and to feel the wind through his fur.But he can´t! Caramba collects caterpillars, tells good stories and makes cheese omelettes, but he can´t fly... he is a different cat! Maybe he could find another activity that could make he feels good.
this is a succesfully book, a story with lots of imagination. It is sometimes funny and sometimes so tender. It haves pretty ilustrations and shows values like selfsteem, friendship, respect and imagination.